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Our Story


Calibri Swimwear - When nature, spirit & bodies find balance 

With appreciation and fascination for nature, we believe in its small gems and it’s capabilities to make each of our designs unique and beautiful. 
From the combination of gemstones hidden powers to a vibrant energy of hummingbirds' representation of freedom and awareness towards love, the idea and inspiration for Calibri Swimwear was created. Along the absolute beautiful beachlife at California’s breathtaking coasts was where the idea was brought to life. 
- Calibri Swimwear is inspired by Mother Earth and designed with love in California  
 A wide selection of the most trendy and environmentally sustainable swimwear in luxurious fabrics and elegant recycled details from nature - Calibri Swimwear is proudly crafted to last, to support, to protect both environments and its inhabitants. Calibris' timeless designs are ready for every person to be worn.
 With a desire to make fashionable high-quality swimwear, we love the idea of taking responsibility for the ocean and the planet. Calibri Swimwear is actively being part of the environmental change without compromising the quality of the products. All material is eco-friendly - made with fair trade and ethical rights. 
We believe in a world where future business foundation should be RECYCLED, REUSE & REDUCE
Calibri Swimwear is a female owned business with both founders background being a mixture of Scandinavia and the Middle East. The simplicity from the Nordic style, and the choice of warm colours inspired by the middle east will shine through in each swimwear style.
Every design is a long-lasting item with a unique finish. A selection of styles for all kinds of profile.
Our mission is to share our inner knowledge and passion for kindness towards nature, slow fashion and any kind being. To spread positivity and confidence by wearing Calibri Swimwear and give every individual spirit the chance to express themselves. A part of it, is being surrounded by eclectic energy from Mother Earths small gifts and its natural designs. 
- Be YOUnique