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Affiliate Program


Become a Calibri Swimwear Affiliate Today 

Can you also not get enough bikinis? Do you love mother earth and gemstones? If your answer is yes and you have a great social media presence, then Calibri Swimwears Affiliate Program is perfect for you! We are looking for authentic, confident and enthusiastic girls to represent our brand worldwide. We expect you to share Calibri Swimwears values - sustainability, high quality swimwear and interest or willingness to learn about gemstones. 

Sounds like you? Great, then sign up for the Calibri Affiliate Program today and start making money, every time someone orders with your discount code. 

How do I become a Calibri Swimwear Affiliate?
Calibri Swimwear offers affiliate programs via. UpPromote. UpPromote works as a platform for affiliates to track sales and insights in customer engagement. In order to be a Calibri Affiliate you must fill out your profile through our affiliate registration link down below.

First you have to fill out the application form by applying here:

QA about affiliate marketing with Calibri Swimwear

Can anyone become an affiliate? 
Anyone can sign up through our affiliate registration form. Our Calibri Swimwear Marketing Team will then review your profile and decide if you meet our Affiliate Team criteria 

Do I get any free bikinis?
The Calibri Swimwear Affiliate program comes with many goodies. However we do not hand out free bikinis to any affiliates without an agreement between the affiliate and The Calibri Swimwear Marketing Team.
That being said, we do provide a big discount on any items on all our products during any time that you are part of our affiliate program.The best part is that when you have earned a certain amount of sales we will even REFUND you back the money spent on your first purchase. (More details will be given when signed up) 

I’m signed up, how do I move forward?

After you have signed up and you have been approved for our affiliate program we will provide you with an easy step by step guideline to get you started on your sales so you can start earning your commission.


How do I promote my referral link/Discount code? 

It is very simple! Share your discount code with anyone you know - family, friends or even acquaintances. You can share your link through texts, emails or every single social media platform you use. Our ambassadors love sharing photos on their own profile with the link/discount code in the caption or their bio. Be creative and share your love the best way you know! 


How do I get paid?

You will get paid via your UpPromote account. All commissions and referred sales are tracked directly in the affiliate portals, simply login to your account to view your commissions. 

We can’t wait to hear from you and have you become part of our team!