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Our Commitment

Sustainable fashion is about values - We have to decide what we value. The beauty of our design doesn't just come from its looks - it starts with the story behind the products. 

Calibri Swimwear always aim to think in creative sustainable solutions, protect and clean up our planet and explore various sustainable paths for today and the forseable future.


“It’s all about closing the loop”



Our goal is to work through a more sustainable future – which is why we define Calibri Swimwear as a sustainable and ethical brand by embodying these following aspects: Using recycled materials to create a full-circle sustainable production all the way from packaging to the final product; supporting a local female-led charity, locally produced, taking part and supporting charities we believe in.

Calibri Swimwear bikinis are all made from Eco-friendly fabrics – recycled from old fishing nets found in the ocean and recycled plastics. Furthermore all hardware metals are made from sustainable 925 sterling silver and all gemstones are ethically sourced and crafted. Calibri Swimwear will help reduce the generations of waste on our planet and only take steps towards a more responsible future.

Tips to REUSE

Help support the full circle production by reusing 925 sterling silver and melt it into your own unique jewelry. 

Make a reuse of your beautiful set of gemstones by including them in your next creative project.

Bring your 100% organic cotton Calibri cosmetic bag into life by making use of it as you own unique accessory clutch, light weighted traveling cosmetic bag, or your own personal all year around swimwear carrier.